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Pathway Public Radio is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the genuine gospel of God in Jesus Christ who (alone only) can take away the sins of a man.  Of this faithful foundation that is Jesus Christ we believe in the Purchased Possession whereby we walk out the remainder of our born again life free from the dominion of death and hell.  It is for the promises of these things that in the midst of our assembly we are quick to give thanks and abundant praise.  For we endeavor to keep all righteous pursuits secondary to our Fellowship with the Lord.  Only after our devotion to the Love of Jesus do we then take aim to add discipline to our passion and restrict our liberties.  No amount of good that we do on earth is sufficient to add any praise to us, and neither should our failures take any praise from God.  All confidence is in Jesus from beginning to end, which is the Pathway to heaven- The conduit of which Pathway Public Radio purposes.  To preserve, promote and protect until Jesus returns.  God Bless.



The WTYX Crew

We know you want to hear a good word and our passionate and experienced team knows how to do that.
Come over and meet them at WTYX.  See for yourself and get in touch.





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What You Think

  • This radio station is amazing!
    I love these guys and the passion they put into sharing the Word.

    Dot Osmon
  • Wow! My life has changed from hearing
    the edifying Word of the Lord from this station.

    Phyllis Gazaway
  • Awesome work. This vision has been a long time coming and
    I am excited to see how God will use this station to serve the community.

    Carol Henry

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Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm
505 Josephine St, Titusville
(321) 267-3000  info@wtyx.org